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  1. Withdrawing app aswell. Gl
  2. I think my appli is going fine did everything you asked
  3. Yeah true
  4. Haha i like toxic guilds they make me laugh xD
  5. Oh cool, but i don't really use class guides i just figure out stuffs by my self
  6. But ofc i know my class, but there is always things that u can do better. Don't u agree? and why you should accepted me Because I'm a dedicated, passionate, skilled and loyal player, who will give everything to help the guild. I am not the kind of guy who quits at the first sign of trouble. Tho i just started to play rogue i do consider myself quite skilled at playing the class when it's only been 1 week playing Sub so u will also get a player that is a quick learner and knows that standing in fire is bad. I rarely die to boss mechanics, and if I do, it doesn't happen again... Have i "convince" my self enough?
  7. Like i said in my app (i'm still learning) so you will see a different/better opener in the near future but for now i have find a good opener for me and i think it works really well
  8. Outlaw imo is alot more rng than sub, but i will do my best just to make u happy
  9. Me? idk xD shit happens
  10. Yeah i understand. It's all Good
  11. Well at least i improve my self for each item upgrade i get