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  1. this one will help you more
  2. Why are you applying if you don't even know your spec? You're not doing a good job of convincing everyone why you should be accepted
  3. 'I love Murdermoo, he actually cracks me up'
  4. at least be beats Xents on Krosus
  5. mfw you're applying to a 10/10M guild and your rings aren't even enchanted
  6. Don't worry, Blackee is always looking for any reason to flake off and quit anyway
  7. No
  8. I decided to compare my best hc log (Krosus) to your most recent Krosus hc log (bare in mind you technically 3 healed bc Soko did no healing and 420k dps and the other healer was a boostee and mine was 5 healed):,1&source=22,6&view=analytical&type=healing Your first point about my logs was my Serenity overhealing being high but in this fight yours was 41% too, you say too much mastery isn't that bad (which I understand for mythic, but I haven't been raiding mythic atm and I do have a 43% mastery item set too for that) but your Echo of Light overhealed 55% on this this fight, and looking at your most recent Augur mythic kill it was still overhealing 44% of the time which is pretty high - You kinda contradicted yourself here too, saying it's not a bad thing but you want to drop your own but either way, cake trinket would be a huge gain for the fights where overhealing isn't as high. I tend to use my mana pot when there is no incoming damage like you said, yeah I should focus on smiting + doing more damage but looking through your hc kills you don't do that either sometimes (2 smites on Krosus, 0 Skorp, 0 Trill) but I see your point and will focus on doing that more. On that point though, you also said you could abuse cloak on HC Krosus but you didn't in the same log I compared, like you said it's easier to execute on mythic - ideally for HC I'd run with Velen's due to how hard it is to make use of cloak in comparison to Mythic but owell As for whether or not I could compete with you, looking through a few of both our logs our CPM is similar, Divinity uptimes are similar, I don't see why I couldn't in all honesty, I have things I need to improve like casting PoM off cooldown every time (which I have better weakauras for since the logs I've shown and have been focusing on doing) and the whole damage thing but other than that I don't really see much else between us. I know this is from last patch but you did have 54 traits so its the same as the 15% now and all that's changed is LoT, but we had the same ilvl and kill time and same amount of healers in this for Krosus and I outhealed you by ~30k, and both of our PoM casts were garbage for that kill, so improvement is possible
  9. 1. Serenity overhealing is mainly due to not wanting to sacrifice Divinity more often than not, I'll look for a target that is at ~75% hp if there is no one else taking substantial damage and Serenity them to 1. heal them up and 2. proc Divinity. As for who I'd use it on, if a tank is taking a lot of damage or about to take a lot of damage Serenity + LoT can help mitigate a lot of that and due to how hard Serenity can hit, the Echo HoT on top of that is pretty powerful. That being said, no, I don't save it exclusively for tanks, if someone is taking damage I will use it, TLDR: its an instant cast heal and it procs a 15% healing increase, I don't think that's worth saving for a long period of time when Serendipity can have it back up again quite quickly. On top of that,, if Serenity crits you're looking at like 3m+ single target, most of the time that would overheal when you look at the average players hp. 2. Setting up for hymn as I mentioned briefly in my original post is mainly to do with Divinity, casting either Serenity or Sanctify (preferably Sanctify for the additional increase in Echo of Light healing from the 2set) on the last GCD before casting hymn will flat out buff its healing by 15%, and if the stars align also proc Invoke the Naaru. On top of that, casting PoM on CD previously will help maximise Renew the Faith's effect during the Hymn. If I had Velen's too and considered dropping my current legendaries for it using that beforehand too would be beneficial for hymn to hit harder. As for when I'd use hymn, since I don't actually raid with a guild and haven't at all this expansion really when I use it is down to initiative, if I know huge aoe is incoming (like on Krosus with the slam + orb combo) then that would be a perfect time to use it, but in pugs it can be kinda unpredictable as well as the issue of other healers popping like tranq or w/e at the same time leading it to be a waste makes it harder to tell you a definitive 'I exclusively use it at x or y', it varies from group to group. 3. 4set like I said in my post isn't a huge deal, it just so happens that the tier pieces I have managed to acquire even out my stat weights nicely. If I had other pieces of gear that could help even out my stats the same as they are right now then I'd drop the 3rd piece and go for that. No reason in particular 4. If I could swap out my darkmoon trinket it would be for cake, if I had it, or urn, if I had that; however the issue with those are that it would blow my mastery % way off and I'd have to swap all my gear round again which I don't really have the luxury of doing, I already enchant/gem crit mostly while hitting an optimal amount of mastery so I can tell I'd be way over with an extra 1k+ on a new piece of gear. That being said since I take Enlightenment running double throughput could definitely help out with my hps, but Trilliax just doesn't want to drop me his trinket so rip. 5. Could you be more specific about this one? As far as I'm aware I'm pretty much always casting but you might be right and I might be able to provide you with an answer ^^ I do however forget to cast holy word: chastise off CD sometimes for a chance at a Invoke the Naaru proc, so flame me for that I guess xd 6. Mass res, basically. But nah, I got the cloak like a week ago so I'm still trying to get a hold of utilising it efficiently (intentionally dying feels strange) but I'm aware of the situations it could be useful for in a progression environment such as when a lot of movement + heavy healing is required, the free casting of strong, mana heavy spells is super beneficial especially with Afterlife and on top of that, pots resetting is a pretty nice bonus too with either an extra mana pot/prolonged power helping out massively, especially if I do manage to grab a good 2nd throughput trinket to make up for the mana I'd essentially be 'losing' from replacing the Darkmoon one.
  10. Classic adc
  11. Personal Information Real name: Emma Sex (no jokes, you're a virgin, we know): Female Age: 19 Country: England BattleTag: Lunia#21504 Character Information Character name: Kaleia Class: Priest Mainspec (and gear level): Holy 901 Offspec (and gear level): Shadow ~895 but like 20 traits Armory profile: Total time played on that character: 131 days Please explain your artifact traits, talent choices (both current and situational): Traits: 41 right now, after golden going for Hallowed Grounds, Say Your Prayers, Holy Guidance etc as they revolve around PoH, PoM & Sanctify which are the main abilities for raid healing Talent choices: Pretty much every fight I run 3131312, significant choices being Piety, Divinity & Benediction; Piety and Benediction synergise really nicely together with the legendary legs and renew procs lead to ~10% healing per fight without actually spending mana on the spell, as well as the addition of PoM triggering Serendipity, which means more Sanctify casts + more use of 2set and stronger PoH's. Divinity is a strong overall healing buff and considering with Piety and other Serendipity triggering spells being prio, it's possible to keep up the buff a lot, also helps for those big boy hymns. I currently don't really see any point in switching any of these talents other than possibly Apotheosis for heavy burst damage fights but the passive on Benediction is too strong to give up when paired with the legendary legs in most cases Tell us about how you gear your character (stat priority, gems, set bonuses): Holy priests stat prio revolves around a few soft caps, the ideal ratio being ~25% Crit / ~15% Haste, ~40% Mastery and a bit of versa but it's nowhere near as strong as the others. I have two item sets with identical ilvl with different stat weights (1 has more crit, slightly less mastery and the other is the opposite). Ideally <40% overhealing on Echo of Light is optimal so I usually go for the 25% crit set for dank Blessing of T'uure procs. Gems and enchants I kinda accomodate for the situation, right now my gear has a shit ton of mastery on it so I enchant and gem crit atm! For set bonuses, T19 2set is hella strong with the focus on Sanctify casts, 4set is kinda meh for raiding so I don't equip it in favour of gear with better stats, t20 4set will be a much higher priority bc the divinity uptime potential will be sick General Information Previous experience (whilst content was current) Legion: pretty much quit the first week of raiding because I'm a slacker Warlords of Draenor: 13/13M 6/10M Mists of Pandaria: n/a Cataclysm: n/a Wrath of the Lich King: n/a The Burning Crusade: n/a World of Warcraft: n/a Logs from Warcraft Logs: shitty hc pug logs , Screenshot of your UI in raid combat: Main alt you play (class, traits, spec and armory link): my alts are shit, DK: Lock: Why do you want to join Boom Time: as a piece of shit in the guild already I know you guys are fucking hilarious, I've known about this guild since like 2015 but I was too much of a pussy to apply back then but here we are Why are you leaving your current guild: bloom are feminists Have you applied to any other guilds, if so who: nah, not interested in joining other guilds, if you don't want me I will remain a dead weight 4 evs Anyone in Boom Time able to vouch for you: liplip can vouch for my warlock dps in m+ Raids You can attend all of our raids: Wednesday (19:00 - 23:00) yea Thursday(19:00 - 23:00) yea Sunday (19:00 - 23:00) yasss Requirements Don't be a faggot and lock yourself out from current content. If you sign up for a raid, we expect you to be available for the entire duration and not flake off. Since you have no life, we expect you to be there for every raid during your trial period. Install RCLootCouncil if you want loot. Don't argue, just do it. English motherfucker, do you speak it? We use TS, you're required to be on it, to have a microphone and to actually use it. If you can't make raid for some gay reason, you post in the "AFK and Absence" thread. Type "Yo for real nigz, dats ma whole shit" if you read all that and understand: Yo for real nigz, dats ma whole shit Personality Who is your favourite Superhero: Ryan Gosling At first glance, who's the biggest cunt in the guild and why: blackie told me to put him here to throw you all off ; ) If you want to add anything, do so here: no ty Link one picture/video to entertain us/make us laugh: when the mexican feminists invaded