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  1. Accepted, whisper Maddex for an invite. Gl on your heroic trial!
  2. Hey Shizzlee, hunter officer here. I'd like to offer you a battle trial vs our other new hunter, Indefectible (since ur entire fuckin app is about the guy). Whisper Thebudhunter for an invite.
  3. As hunter officer, accepted, whisper Darions for an invite. oh shit you an ex-Luce hunter, you better watch out that's all I'm gonna say #nivs
  4. accepted, whisper Docia for an invite
  6. lmaoooooo I mean idk if you'll like it here, too many thermal anvils and I know that one got to you a bit :/
  7. you dont remember Ryan? The iconic Zetu from the Cum brothers? unbelievable, must be getting a bit too old. How's Tosh's car m8?
  8. is Ant coming too??? also how the fuck do you still have that screenshot Ryan LOOL
  9. Sounds good, just send anyone online in the guild for an invite!
  10. Better yet, explain how you managed this when you didn't even die on the kill?
  11. shit player, shit memes, all round tragedy
  12. Aight Mr. Disciple, Totanka has passed this on to me to sort you out because you just aren't getting it Your replies suck, and aren't really giving us much to go with, so I'll make it simple: Which fights in ToS do you use RJW, and which fights would you use Chiji and why? Why are your EF casts so low, and when is an optimal time to cast it? Why aren't you casting Renewing Mist on cooldown, especially when you're using legendary boots? Why do you never use Life Cocoon? Why aren't you using Thunder Focus Tea on cd? Your Mana Tea usage is low, which needs to be improved. What spells are your priority during Mana Tea for maximum efficiency? USE YOUR DAMN CHI BURST BOY The legendary thing is right, as for Gift of Sheilun however I kinda disagree with - from my minimal MW knowledge I still know it's pretty efficient to cast at around ~6 stacks, just cause of the other benefits it provides (lower overhealing + healing from Whispers of Shaohao + the ability to use it more often). Your answers so far have been pretty shit, we wanna know if you've got potential to improve and right now you're not doing a great job. Put some effort into your next response please. xoxo
  13. Then why don't you use RJW on either of the fights you mentioned it was great for? Another thing I've noticed is your usage of Sheilun's gift, some fights you barely cast it at all which leads to pretty big overhealing most of the time you do use it, but you're also missing out on free healing from Whispers of Shaohao, how many stacks should you be casting it with for it to be efficient? Why aren't you? I see you've got Velen's and boots as legendaries, which legendary would you swap the boots for if you could?