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  1. I can fix that
  2. Do you know what warcraftlogs is or how to use it?
  3. I wonder what this is on top of my browser :thinking:
  4. ----------------------> <------------------------ Rogue Discord
  5. According to the subtlety rogue guide I just spent about 30 seconds finding the opener you posted below your application is wrong.
  6. Shh Emma, he's just trying to fit in. Don't let them know our love.
  7. I don't mean to sound mean, but you should probably think of trying to get into a slightly lower guild for Tomb, maybe you can prove yourself and join the big leagues after a while
  8. You sound like me talking about my arms spec
  9. mfw you're applying to a 10/10m guild with shit logs, next to no mythic experience, at 899 ilvl, and do maybe '650-750k' DPS
  10. Your parses are average at best We already have a good demon hunter (or two depending on whether Dre decided to keep being a shit healer) Your meme game is weak Why should we accept you?
  11. Maybe the questions I asked you are intended to get you to think about what mistakes you're making so you can improve your play :thinking:
  12. Asking for you to explain your class doesn't mean you're 100% getting declined. If you can't handle constructive criticism and try to instead snub the person who criticised you, you're gonna have a bad time. I never implied that you did. That doesn't excuse you from accepting that you make mistakes and trying to improve though. Alright.