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  1. Accepted. Whisper Kaleia for an invite.
  2. >Boom Time >1 shot full hc run
  3. Become feral main and you're accepted
  4. Indefectible is my boy and I'd appreciate it if you cut down on flaming him a bit. Also, is Luce looking for an arms warrior?
  5. Doesn't really take a Demon Hunter to see that you're trash. Not officially declined until told by somebody with a different colour name though, so gl.
  6. What Amos is trying to say here is to whisper Babybjörk for an invite.
  7. Seems good enough. You do mechanics, you do good DPS, what's to lose? Accepted, whisper Drackovemon for an invite.
  8. Did you literally go and stand in every possible ranged soak zone?