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  1. Poach me btw
  2. More hunter drama, just what we need hehexd
  3. If you're the kinda guy that laughs at car crashes, I can see that. I approve this app, why are your logs shit tho
  4. entire
  5. Get me in fam
  6. Not decided yet, whisper Origin for invite.
  7. No resto shaman alt yet, so only standing on tanks applies so far.
  8. Lemme just link these ilvl logs real quick, everyones 5th alt that they have no clue how to play have it, but it should be fine :^)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  9. Hey Heinzz. How hard is it to click shit when you're doing mechanics?
  10. Accepted, whisper Babybjork for an invite
  11. Accepted
  12. It doesn't work if you give away the strat ya cunt
  13. In my experience, I'd say it's time for a battle trial.