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  1. Brothers????? 😭
  2. Boom Time Episode IX: Luce's Autistic Forum Assault
  3. Did normal with this guy, seemed decent in there but his logs aren't brilliant. >doesnt know what a teabag is also shit talked Generox on his Mage, was amusing hehe
  4. Hi, I'm the melee officer. Nice logs. Good mechanic doings. Accepted, whisper Atradis for invite.
  5. Your EF casts seem quite low on some of your parses? You realize sea star is effectively a int stat stick for you if you're not going to use EF regularly and therefore probably isn't worth taking? A few fights suite RJW well and would provide better results than Chi'Ji which you haven't used it on, what fights are these? There is one ability you should definitely be using on cooldown, more so with the boot legendary, what is this? And why aren't you? I'll give you some clues - Goroth HC - 21/25 ( - Demonic Inq HC - 24/33 ( - Sisters HC 35/42 ( - Mistress HC - 32/40 ( Any explanation as to why you aren't doing this? You rarely use Life Cocoon, which for 20k mana is an easy 2.3M healing per use excluding the 50% inc HOT healing it brings. Thunder Focus tea should be used on CD more or less every time, it's not being done. Your usage of Mana Tea is low on every fight, which is shit considering it's 50% mana reduction on spells, may explain your terrible mana conservation. ON ANOTHER NOTE ALL TOGETHER, SORT IT OUT, GIVE US REASONS #MAKEBOOMTIMEGREATAGAIN
  6. I too am a no due to lack of interest and shit talk. Whisper Babybjork for invite.
  7. I'm not going to beat around the bush with you Slavi, buddy ol' pal, so I made you a straight up list of what I gathered about you and your application from reading this fucking trash You think you're good, you aren't. You think you've got the memes, you don't. You think you know what we'd find funny, you definitely do not. You think you did good DPS in mythic Nighthold at 898 ilvl, you didn't. You think you could out DPS any of the current ranged INCLUDING Lieutenant Commander of the Down-syndrome Dribblers Babybjork, you probably can't even do that. You think that you can write a good quality application, you can't. You think that your country isn't pure fucking third world and full of gypsys, it is. You think you would be able to out bonce me, you wouldn't. You think maybe Emma might like you, and if not others do in the guild, but none of us do to be honest. Plus, she is a snake anyway so no great loss. I for one, just from reading the application despise you and I only want you to be accepted so I can personally make your life living hell. Good luck with the rest of your application. Lots of love, Lip x
  8. Where would I put you in my signature if you got in though? It's a decline from me
  9. RIP Joshua. Up the lads.
  10. Back to Jordan Norbitt and Qpak is it now that your boyfriend pussied out Emma?
  11. I can safely say that it will be complete trash I was also saying to roast the Abde picture but you know, common sense is hard