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  1. Makes things easier then, I suppose.
  2. Since Davies is too drunk too respond, I guess I'll have to. We currently have three hunters, but two of them are clinically depressed and might be suffering from bipolarism and one of them only has the mental capability to play Beast Master. Added to this, the Beast master hunter is a flakey piece of shit. With that being the case you are welcome to contest the BM hunter for his raid spot. On a further note, we have a heroic raid today that you're welcome to join. Accepted.
  3. Are you even raiding?
  4. Do not listen to these shitstains who have no say whatsoever. Our range officer will respond to your application some time soon.
  5. Accepted, whisper Wixii for an invite.
  6. I got whispered this the other day. ^ Only reason you're getting invited.
  7. Here's a representation of how valuable Liplip's "support" is.
  9. nigger been a while, let me know what you've been up to.

  10. Anyone wanna play Heroes of the Storm?
  11. `top lulz` about you, shitter.
  12. Another fucking Bosnian.
  13. I see a problem with your math. Are you sure, Asiril? Perhaps you should lay down the booze?