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  1. Are you a muslim?
  2. You get to live another day
  3. Nigger go fuck yourself... Now that we have that out of the way Nice to have a good tank app for once, looked over the logs and you seem pretty solid and you seem to know your shit. For the niggers looking at orange you can't go only on colour as tank outputs vary considerably, though getting buffed will make dks matters more and tanks should be brought more in line, along with less constant magic damage, source blizzard so you can pretty much guarantee that all fights are going to be Krosus combined with Star Augur For your class you do well though and it doesn't look like you're deliberately going out of your way to take more damage for more damage. Your current behaviour looks a little guild hoppy, any particular reason? Other than that though, as far as it counts
  4. I didn't realise boomies/mages had rage, get off my class fantasy
  5. Can't believe I'm saying this, but Murdermoo is actually speaking sense for once. Prereq tank gif In other news: That could only ever go well... Correct, you're a real clever bastard aren't you? Cunt. And now we take an intermission: You tread on our heritage... Your name makes you sound like some kind of mlp fag. Oh... so close, Liplip's probably overtaken everyone at this point, the chavy ream bellend. Get the fuck out of my house and go play in traffic. Atradis, get your black ass in here.
  6. Just for you bbe Now both you and this faggot, go hang yourselves. The fuck we want a blood dk for, we're getting Atradis back who just rerolled from that train wreck. It's nearly time Because you know it was the strongest combo, nigger fuck Cebulooza, can't even last one tier piece of shit. 1 pull trial? 1 pull trial? Because that's all you'll stay for you raging scrote, you'll be in for a shorter time than Taegon. Guldan and a new raid cresting the horizon, I aint tanking with a faggot that can't deal. Looks like you can do damage though so I suppose you have that going for you, but we have enough 5 year olds that can dps. Get the fuck out of my face you beaner cuck. hehe xd
  7. More for the amusement of the rest of the guild than anything else, you actually going to stick with a guild this time, stick with this guild? Or are you going to leave after one raid like a little bitch? You seem to hop guilds like a motherfuck. Good job doing damage with seraphim btw, good times in heroic eh? I hear damage is something warriors are known for hehe xd
  8. Chavy ream bellend liplipliplip bellend
  9. Who is this guy ^^
  10. Good work there Xaowei, I appreciate the effort you put into your reply!
  11. Confirmed: You have arguably the best legendaries available Hi DH friend, I hear you have arguably the best legendaries available, is this true? I'll message the melee officer Warlofd and inform him that Xaowei says you have arguably the best legendaries available. I just checked his armory, this guy has arguably the best legendaries available.
  12. Pickles, kekekekeke