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  1. Get well soon
  2. Looks big enough to me.
  3. Oh well why not
  4. More likely the bench Davies dream. At least Illios turns up.
  5. Sup fuckers, Right then, I just spoke to these two clowns on TS and kinda read some of the posts here... kinda... I've never really been that interested in people's guild history or what they did or did not do in the past--short of maybe that Boomkin that I made the video about and his rampant guild hopping--but the majority of the time it's a useful guide only, or it gives us some indication of how the applicants might behave, but it's not the be all and end all. I don't care when people in trade whisper me, "Don't take this guy." or "This guy was a shitbag." or whatever. Other people outside of the guild and their opinions are secondary, your application stands on its own merits or not at all. So that brings us to your application: I could write loads but I think I said it best when I last dealt with a Boomkin application: Now, as far as your logs go and despite my limited knowledge of Boomkins, your shit looks whack. Having said that we've had people that when applied were beyond shit, but for whatever reason whether it be: recruitment issues just for the bants we didn't have anyone of that spec in the guild at the time someone felt sorry for them a bet to make someone else more competitive ...we accepted them anyway. Some of those shitters improved drastically over the weeks/months/years and are now some of the best players we've got. For example: Bjorkovic was declined and then later accepted and was benched all the time before rerolling Shadow Priest. Pistol couldn't run in a circle on Kormrok when he first joined and everyone thought he was either disabled or just as shit as that cunt Spyzed. Qpak was on trial for about 1,000,000 years because he couldn't do 13/13M in HFC without screwing up on at least 2 bosses. Xaowei was declined when he first applied on his Rogue. Maddoc was accepted seemingly because Aliquis couldn't be arsed to go through his app in detail. Sneglen was accepted as kind of a bet, I said, "I'll accept the next Warlock that applies, good or not." Xents applied twice and was accepted according to Cebulooza because we didn't have a Monk at the time. Synaria was really unsure of how to play certain specs when he first joined and panicked loads and was practically disavowed by Warlofd. All of the above are now leaps and bounds above where they were when they first joined. I'm sure the reasons behind it are incredibly varied but the adage of not judging a book by its cover most definitely applies. I'd like that to be the case with you as well. I suppose only time will tell. So, for the sake of memes and to annoy the fuck out of people, and because you two can't possibly be worse than that fucking mongoloid ginger spastic Babybjork: I'll accept you the pair of you. So as per usual in this guild, it's now up to you if you raid. If you sort your traits and learn the shit you need to learn (what we discussed on TS) as well as kick the shit out of our resident downy Mages: Synaria: Davies: Illios: Manhandled: and Boomkin wise that shitbag Liplip: ... everything will be fine. Failing that, you'll not do what's required, not put any effort in, get sick of the memes and shit talk and both leave because you're both 100% quadra-spazzed like Babybjork: Either way it should be entertaining. So:
  6. Davies has all the details.