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  2. Been busy on the Starcraft hype naaaaaaaaaaaaaa mean.
  3. Or just turn up on Wednesday for Heroic clear.
  4. Heinzz are you still around or what?
  5. Yeah Atradis ain't about that life
  6. Oh mate we've got some black on black crime. Apparently we're running low on Demon Hunters seeing as Xaowei went Rogue and Dre realised he's not as good as other people at dishing out the bants as he originally thought he was, he then got upset and went home. Atradis seems to think you're pretty good, and no one else complained about you in the raid yesterday. Also Atradis had confidence in you to the point that he'd rather bring you in that Babybjork who's already in the guild, so that speaks volumes as well. So as Warlofd the melee officer is away I'll accept you in his stead, because I'm fucking nice and shit. Naaaaaaaaaaaa mean.
  7. You can't, your shit's now riddled with Aliquis' infected semen. Good luck washing that out.