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Liplips replacement [Accepted]

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Personal Information

  • Real name: Peter
  • Sex (no jokes, you're a virgin, we know): Male
  • Age: 18
  • Country: Not Republic of Nigeria
  • BattleTag: Kroghelf#2722

Character Information

  • Character name: Kroghelf
  • Class: Druid
  • Mainspec (and gear level): low
  • Offspec (and gear level): high
  • Armory profile
  • Total time played on that character: 187 days
  • Please explain your artifact traits, talent choices (both current and situational): when ma boys jontos and wixii gets back, am i gonna ask them
  • Tell us about how you gear your character (stat priority, gems, set bonuses): gonna ask warlofd 

General Information

  • Previous experience (whilst content was current) 
    • Legion:  7/7 3/3 10/10 69
    • Warlords of Draenor: raiding with bt and was shit like davies
    • Mists of Pandaria: pandas something something garrosh (got tusk btw gitgud)
    • Cataclysm: can't remember
    • Wrath of the Lich King: was good times
    • The Burning Crusade: killed illidan with cebul and atradis on their dks
    • World of Warcraft: did naxx wf with kungen
  • Logs from Warcraft Logs:
  • Screenshot of your UI in raid combat:09f2033593.jpg
  • Main alt you play (class, traits, spec and armory link): gonna be my sp "wheelchairxd"
  • Why do you want to join Boom Time: duno who does?
  • Why are you leaving your current guild: cause ma boy atraids the black nigga wasn't in it 
  • Have you applied to any other guilds, if so who: ye applied to method and alpha, but don't think im getting accepted
  • Anyone in Boom Time able to vouch for you: ma boy jontos can vouch for me jk he dosn't play, ma boy wixii can vouch for me


  • You can attend all of our raids: y
    • Wednesday (19:00 - 23:00)
    • Thursday(19:00 - 23:00)
    • Sunday (19:00 - 23:00)


  • Don't be a faggot and lock yourself out from current content.
  • If you sign up for a raid, we expect you to be available for the entire duration and not flake off.
  • Since you have no life, we expect you to be there for every raid during your trial period.
  • Install RCLootCouncil if you want loot. Don't argue, just do it.
  • English motherfucker, do you speak it? We use TS, you're required to be on it, to have a microphone and to actually use it.
  • If you can't make raid for some gay reason, you post in the "AFK and Absence" thread.

Type "Yo for real nigz, dats ma whole shit" if you read all that and understand: Yo for real a-trades, dats ma whole shit


  • Who is your favourite Superhero: django 
  • At first glance, who's the biggest cunt in the guild and why: i would say the emma bitch, she sounds fucking retarded, and saw how she looked like irl TOP KEK THAT FAT BITCH
  • If you want to add anything, do so here: im not black
  • Link one picture/video to entertain us/make us laugh: 
  • 297c6a796f.png
  • 297c6a796f.png
  • 297c6a796f.png
  • 297c6a796f.png
  • aafccb0ec3.png
  • 297c6a796f.png
  • 297c6a796f.png
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