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  2. So I just upgraded to Windows 10 a week ago (I never had this Issue with Windows 8).When I did so I noticed that when watching videos in Chrome some videos refused to load. When it does this the video sits there with the buffer symbol and will not load and I have fairly fast internet.However some sites play more videos than other. For example Youtube will load almost all the videos I want to watch but a few will not load, But If I want to watch something on a social media sites the videos will almost never load. I've tried updating Chrome and Flash and reinstalling Chrome with no success.Any ideas on how to fix this? Any idea? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References 2D animation video pricing
  3. And I wear landing boots all year round.
  4. I don't
  5. I wear them
  6. RIP

    Ain't raidin' no more. Thanks Obama.
  7. Apparently Totanka was blocked by Qpak and Xents on the right of the picture, so The Funk Master Grice AKA Kirk AKA Lord Reginald Memestashe III helped us out with his phenomenal Photoshop skills. #NoManLeftBehind
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