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  2. Show up tonight and show each other how it's done. Accepted Declined
  3. At the time these logs you are looking at there wasn't an 'incorrect' opener, the DfA build wasnt figured out until a few days ago when people on the rogue discord realised the apl wasnt saving cooldowns to line up with DfA. I've been doing the 'correct' opener for the DfA build since they realised it was actually good but I hadn't recleared heroic, since I didnt want to do it 3 times in 1 week.
  4. It's pretty weird how in my previous post I mentioned you doing the opener correctly, albeit after you were told you were using an incorrect one. Might want to actually read.
  5. That was one day after reset after not playing sub in nearly a year, when people were still figuring out the best talent choices/openers. If you take a look at the recent log you can see I am doing the correct opener for my talent choice
  6. Might wanna come to the realization that I might be correct.
  7. The reason you dont see it is because I casted it on the pull timer, how else do you think I instantly casted nightblade without using any builders?
  8. Can you show me some of these openers so I have something to go off of please
  9. I looked up at least three of your openers and I wasn't able to find one instance where you did the proper opener, knowing what to do and executing it are two different things and I'm quite positive you didn't use MfD on each opener I had a look at, looked at your logs from today it appears you're using what would be considered the 'correct' opener. I'm going to go ahead and assume you know as much about Subtlety as I do which confuses me a great deal. Why not just stick to something you know and somewhat have the legendaries for? It would appear to me taking a glance at top Subtlety rogues that you absolutely need shoulders, the second legendary seemed to flex a bit with Bracers / Cloak / Ravenholdt taking the cake. Why not stay Assassination that you do much better on? Playing something that you perform worse on during progress isn't necessarily ideal. Either way I'm just going to hand this application back to Warlofd's lap and he can do with it as he pleases as I believe my job here is done, I'd give a recommendation on what to do but I fear it wouldn't be ideal and it's probably better I let the better Subtletly rogue do it.
  10. First off i'm pretty sure someone ninja pulled this shit hence why i dont do anything for over a second. The reason my opener is different to the other rogue is because I was using MfD for that pull and they weren't. I had been trying to figure out the best way to use MfD and was doing different openers from pull to pull. For this pull I tried the opener that Simcraft does when using MfD (using it during pull timer) and instantly applying a 6 combo point nightblade. From looking at logs people were still trying to figure out how to use it, some are doing what I did and using it before pull and some are using it to fit more eviscerates during the symbols of death buff and for shadow dance cd. The opener that I did wasn't wrong I was just using different talents. The correct opener now that DfA is the talent of choice is: - 1 second on pull timer I pop my pot and shadow blades - shadowstrike - backstab - nightblade - shadow dance - shadowstrike - symbols of death - shadowstrike - eviscerate - shadowstrike - backstab - vanish (even though no shoulders, it procs Master of Subtlety) - DfA - spam shadow dance on the way down so that the eviscerate portion of DfA deals 42% increased damage due to nightstalker and dark shadow
  11. Ok, let's dive into this fiesta. First off I'm no Rogue expert, especially not a master of the arts of Subtlety so some of what I say might be incorrect or misinformed so take what I say with a grain of salt. Taking a look at the logs it appears you're using the wrong opener. This is your opener on most fights; Now this is the most common opener I could find, it's also the one Warlofd uses when he doesn't accidentally Backstab twice. From what I have been able to gather most rogues appear to be using Shadow Blades into Shadow Strike into a Backstab into the Nightblade before they activate their Shadow Dance, you seem to activate your Shadow Dance a lot earlier and also using Nightblade earlier, I figured maybe it was some Shoulder Legendary thing but it appears it wasn't, found ONE log where someone wasn't using Shoulders and he still did the aforementioned opener. I tried looking at other various discrepancies but it would appear a lot of Sub rogues are doing stuff differently, since the spec got an update I suppose people are all trying to find their foot holding and seeing what works and what doesn't, had a chat with Pistol about Symbols of Death usage and Goremaw's Bite, and how every rogue appears to be using these abilities quite differently. I'm not a rogue expert by any means, ask me DH related stuff and I can go on for days but having me respond to a Subtlety rogue app when I don't play the spec is quite the challenge since I focus more on Assassination now until I can get the proper legendaries, I might give sub a go just to get a feel for the spec, but at the moment I am thoroughly enjoying playing Assassination. Cheers Xaowei, your new Rogue god with Pistol my brother in arms.
  12. I'll attempt to respond to this after I'm done working. Should be interesting.
  13. Xaowei will respond to this as the new rogue
  14. Personal Information Real name: Josh Sex (no jokes, you're a virgin, we know): Male Age: 21 Country: United Kingdom BattleTag: Fantasy#2423 Character Information Character name: Elÿ Class: Rogue Mainspec (and gear level): Sub (906) Offspec (and gear level): Assassination (903) Armory profile:ÿ Total time played on that character: 101 days Please explain your artifact traits, talent choices (both current and situational): T15: This talent depends on whether you are using Death from Above or not. Currently there is a bug involving Weaponmaster and DfA where if Weaponmaster procs on the aoe part of DfA it will cancel the Eviscerate. Due to this if you run DfA you are forced into Master of Subtlety. If this gets fixed then Weaponmaster will be better. T30: Nightstalker is best here due to the synergy it has with Dark Shadow and DfA. Can run shadow focus too but i prefer nightstalker because if you can line up your symbols of death and shadow dance properly with DfA you can do insane burst every 30~ seconds. T45: Deeper Stratagem is just far better than the other 2. T60: I run with cheat death as it allows you to soak a raid mechanic if you are required, if not allows you 1 fuck up per fight. T75: Prey on the Weak is the talent of choice for this tier. 10% increased damage from all sources on an a priority add if you can cc it is a no brainer. T90: Dark shadow. This talent has really good synergy with nightstalker. T100: Death from Above is currently the strongest talent in this tier even though sims show that not to be the case. Tell us about how you gear your character (stat priority, gems, set bonuses): My current stat weights are Agi > Vers > Mastery > Crit > Haste, therefore i am using versatility gems and enchants. General Information Previous experience (whilst content was current) Legion: 3/7M Emerald Nightmare (quit from october to like march), 4/10M Nighthold Warlords of Draenor: 13/13M Mists of Pandaria: Cataclysm: Wrath of the Lich King: The Burning Crusade: World of Warcraft: Logs from Warcraft Logs: (havent recleared since people realised that DfA isnt used properly on simc, so talent choice doesnt match what i said above) Screenshot of your UI in raid combat: (old assassination one in raid) (lfr queues too long but here's sub) Main alt you play (class, traits, spec and armory link): (holy priest, 49 traits) Why do you want to join Boom Time: Good players and the general attitude in the guild is just hilarious Why are you leaving your current guild: not in a guild atm Have you applied to any other guilds, if so who: none Anyone in Boom Time able to vouch for you: Blackee and Emma can vouch for my sick performance in upper kara Raids You can attend all of our raids: Yes Wednesday (19:00 - 23:00) Thursday(19:00 - 23:00) Sunday (19:00 - 23:00) Requirements Don't be a faggot and lock yourself out from current content. If you sign up for a raid, we expect you to be available for the entire duration and not flake off. Since you have no life, we expect you to be there for every raid during your trial period. Install RCLootCouncil if you want loot. Don't argue, just do it. English motherfucker, do you speak it? We use TS, you're required to be on it, to have a microphone and to actually use it. If you can't make raid for some gay reason, you post in the "AFK and Absence" thread. Type "Yo for real nigz, dats ma whole shit" if you read all that and understand: Yo for real nigz, dats ma whole shit Personality Who is your favourite Superhero: Qpak At first glance, who's the biggest cunt in the guild and why: Murdermoo, no explanation needed If you want to add anything, do so here: Link one picture/video to entertain us/make us laugh:
  15. I can fix that
  16. Rihanna is too peng
  17. Make a new app if you want to apply. This one is ruined
  18. Back to Jordan Norbitt and Qpak is it now that your boyfriend pussied out Emma?
  19. Unwithdrawn btw don't fuck this up Josh
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